Beats Pro Over-Ear White Headphone

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Elomus Core combines advanced smartwatch technology with elegant watch design. Its stainless steel casing provides ultimate durability and houses a stunning AMOLED display, for a truly future-proof device. Wear it your way with any compatible watch strap or with a selection of Elomus modules; engineered to empower, Elomus is the ultimate sidekick.




Headphones may be used with stationary CD and DVD players, home theater, personal computers, or portable devices (e.g., digital audio player/mp3 player, mobile phone). Cordless headphones are not connected to their source by a cable. Instead, they receive a radio or infrared signal encoded using a radio or infrared transmission link, such as FM, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These are powered receiver systems, of which the headphone is only a component. Cordless headphones are used with events such as a Silent disco or Silent Gig.

Transducer technology
  • Moving-coil
  • Electrostatic
  • Electret
  • Orthodynamic
  • Balanced armature
Electrical characteristics
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Headphones originated from the earpiece, and were the only way to listen to electrical audio signals before amplifiers were developed. The first truly successful set was developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who made them by hand in his kitchen and sold them to the United States Navy.


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